Molí Duran



Located in Sant Martí de Maldà (Lleida) Molí Duran is a family business dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality 100% Arbequina variety.

It all started in 1895 and since then we have continued to work with the production method based on the grinding of a select raw material by centuries-old stones, cold extraction using pressure on columns of baskets and settling by gravity, thus reaching an oil 100% extra virgin Arbequina olive, characteristic for its density, its greenish-yellow color, and its sweet flavor with slight reminiscences of almonds and ripe fruits

We are the Mestres Petit family and since 1895 we have been producing oils and wines from generation to generation.

Currently our project has as its pillars respect for the territory and the rural world, healthy eating, ecology, sustainability, respect for diversity and universal accessibility.

Centenary Olive Trees

Ecological Production

100% Arbequina

Thanks to the care and dedication of our ancestors, we currently have centenary olive trees planted on dry stone terraces that allow us to produce especially aromatic oils. In addition, we have a network of collaborating farmers who help us expand production.

Our tradition has prompted us to maintain traditional systems but at the same time we try to adapt to the improvements that new knowledge can bring us. For this reason, in addition to the oil that has always been produced, we have started with the desire to extend it to the maximum, the production of organic extra virgin olive oil.

This change implies an adaptation not only in oil production, but in the entire process from the tree to the mill. With this innovation, we try to do our bit in respect for the environment that surrounds us.

The ultimate goal is to be able to offer an oil capable of awakening the senses of the most demanding palates and at the same time promoting a Mediterranean diet highly recommended for health. Our “liquid gold” not only provides antioxidant properties (vitamin E and polyphenols), but is also ideal in diets for people with diabetes and those that help reduce cholesterol.

Strong points of the project:

  • We produce extra virgin olive oil following traditional cold methods and with columns of baskets guaranteeing a local, healthy product without any additives.
  • We are committed to quality, guaranteeing a natural decantation that achieves a very different organoleptically oil.
  • We offer tastings and visits to get to know and taste live the products of the land that we produce.
  • We guarantee universal accessibility by labeling our products in Braille and allowing online shopping with screen readers used by the visually impaired.
    We offer a wine and oleotourism proposal combining wine and oil tastings with a stay at Mas Fogonussa, our tourist accommodation located in the middle of 5 hectares of organic vineyards.